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At Nashville Machine Service Department, we take immense pride in our work. It is always our goal to ensure our customers are satisfied and the quality of our service is unprecedented. We have the capacity to address and resolve a variety of heating and air, plumbing, pipe fitting, and mechanical service needs. Contact Nashville Machine Department for an assessment today.  

Our Solutions Group performed this project during a weekend shutdown of a financial data center. They installed an 8-inch bypass on the chilled water loop with new redundant isolation valves. Our teams are effective at performing critical work in a timely manner.

Our Plumbing Team installed a new boiler while our client's building was not occupied during the COVID-19 shutdown.


This required 

-Demo/Removal of the existing boiler

-Expanding concrete pad for the new boiler

-Installation of new AO Smith Boiler and all necessary piping

-Installation of new 23-gallon expansion tank

We were able to complete the project without any interruptions to their day to day business operations.


The Nashville Machine Service Department can utilize pipe freezing technology to install valves and fittings without draining the system. This can save clients time and money in a situation where the building cannot be drained down. 

Our Solutions Group was able to determine that the best plan of action was for a condo client to replace their dated chiller that was hanging on by a thread. With a short window of cooler nights our crews were able to remove the old chiller and get the new installed in record time. Great crews do great and efficient work. Proud of our guys! 

Our Special Projects team performed a hot water pipe replacement for 2 boilers. We completed all demolition and removal of the old piping and installation of the new. We then partnered with Warren Insulation to complete the job by insulating the lines.